Monday, 31 July 2017

Mandarin Spessartite Garnet

Mandarin Spessartite Garnet is a rare form of orange garnet colored by manganese.

The combination of vivid color and garnet's high refractive index make spessartite garnet one of the most brilliant stones in the world of colored gems. Its hardness is around 6.5 - 7.5 on the Mohs scale, making it ideal for jewelry.
The gems occur in a range of colors from yellowish orange to reddish orange and orange-red. The pure orange, known as mandarin or fanta orange, is very rare and has been found in only a few deposits in Africa, notably in Nigeria.

Top spessartites are highly sought after by gem collectors and are considered investment grade. Very little in the way of new material has been found recently.
The prices and value of spessartite garnet varies according to the size and quality of the gemstone. Color and clarity are the most important factors. Vivid orange is the most valuable. The reddish and orange-red are also valuable in fine quality. Gems with a distinct brownish hue, or heavily included stones, are less valuable.

Spessartites are not currently enhanced by any method.
Harry Winston

High Bejewelled Peacocks

Gem-set and diamond peacock brooch, Gustave Baugrand, circa 1865
The collective term for the birds is “peafowl.” The males are “peacocks” and the females are “peahens.” The babies are called “peachicks.” When peacocks mate, they give out a loud “copulatory call”. But sometimes they are faking it. One-third of the calls were fake, and the birds that made them scored the most hookups.

Friday, 28 July 2017

2017 Rio Tinto Pink Diamond Tender

The 2.11-carat radiant-cut fancy red Argyle Everglow
Rio Tinto’s Argyle Mine Tender for 2017 appeared in New York in front of a selected group of collectors and connoisseurs. The star is the Argyle Everglow, a 2.11 carat polished radiant cut GIA diamond with a grade of Fancy Red VS2. It is the biggest Fancy Red diamond to ever come from Argyle. In the 33-year history of the Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender there have been less than 20 carats of Fancy Red certified diamonds sold.

In total, there ware 58 diamonds in the 2017 Tender weighing a total of 49.39 carats. Among them, there were four Fancy Red diamonds, four Purplish Red diamonds, two Violet diamonds, and one Blue diamond. The rest are pink. The 2017 Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender will be showcased in New York, Hong Kong and Perth with bids closing on 11 October 2017. Other “hero” stones in this year’s Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender;

--The Argyle Isla, a 1.14-carat fancy red radiant;
--The Argyle Avaline, a 2.42-carat fancy purple-pink cushion;
--The Argyle Kalina, a 1.50-carat fancy deep pink oval; and
--The Argyle Liberté, a 0.91-carat fancy deep gray-violet radiant-cut diamond.

The Argyle Liberté, a 0.91-carat radiant-shaped fancy deep gray-violet diamond

Radiant-cut fancy red diamond, the 1.14-carat Argyle Isla

Argyle Avaline, a 2.42-carat cushion fancy purple-pink

1.50-carat oval-shaped fancy deep pink diamond, the Argyle Kalina

“Argyle Allegro Red Roses” earrings from the Nicholas Sparks Collection are 1.37 carats each, and the pair together contain nearly 10 carats of red diamonds with pink melee, all set in platinum.

The 2.83-carat Argyle Violet diamond purchased from last year’s tender

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Lucara Diamond's ‘Lesedi La Rona’ too big to sell?

Industry insiders say Lucara Diamond Corp will have to cut its tennis ball-sized rough diamond to find a buyer. Bidding for the 1,109 carat stone stalled at $61 million at Sotheby's last year — short of the $70 million reserve. Lucara’s CEO William Lamb thought that ultra-rich collectors, who buy and sell precious art works for record-breaking sums at auction, would do the same with a diamond. That bet failed.

There is a “very, very small universe” of companies with the skill, money and network to polish and sell the Lesedi said Lamb. A Dubai trading company paid a record US$63 million for Lucara’s 813-carat ‘Constellation’, while British diamond dealer Laurence Graff bought a 374-carat stone for US$17.5 million.
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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

De Grisogono

Cannes 2017 saw the launch of 'Love on the Rocks' de GRISOGONO's latest high jewellery creation. Established in 1993 in Geneva under Fawaz Gruosi’s leadership de GRISOGONO jewellery a universe in which luxury develops into an art of living.
DeGrisogono's Valentine’s Day collection featuring gold, diamonds and precious gems.

Pink gold, two cabochon amethysts weighing 73 carats, pink sapphires and rubies.

High jewellery timepiece is made of pink gold, 70 moving briolette-cut and 980 round brilliant amethysts.

28 carat cushion-cut sapphire

Monday, 24 July 2017

Blue #1, Pink in second place as hottest colors in Diamonds

Apollo and Artemis were sold May 17th for a new record price of $57.4 million. The “Apollo Blue” fancy vivid blue diamond of 14.54 carats made $ 42.1m, and the “Artemis Pink” fancy intense pink diamond, at 16 carats, $15.3 million.

Rectangular-cut fancy vivid blue diamond, weighing approximately 3.98 carats, within a cushion and triangular-shaped pink diamond surround by Moussaeiff $8.88 million.

Pear-shaped, 7.32-carat, fancy vivid blue, IF diamond $17,112,629
Sky Blue Diamond, a square-cut, 8.01-carat, fancy vivid blue, VVS1 Cartier ring, $17.1 million, or $2.1 million per carat in late 2016.

The Oppenheimer Blue. 14.62-carat emerald cut Fancy Vivid blue diamond dubbed the “gem of gems’ $57,541,779 or $3.9m per carat. 

“The Blue Moon of Josephine,” fancy vivid blue diamond weighing 12.03 carats, IF, sold for $48,468,158, or $4,028,941 per carat

The 10.10-carat De Beers Millennium Jewel 4 sold for $32 million or $ 3.1m per carat in April of 2016. 

The 24.18-carat “Cullinan Dream,” brought $ 25m at Christie’s on June 9. $ 1.03m per carat.

The Zoe Diamond – $32,645,000 ($3,348,205 per carat) in 2015

'Winston Blue' 13.22 carat pear-shaped Fancy Vivid blue flawless diamond sold at Christie's Geneva on May 14, 2014 for $ 24m

A step-cut, 17.07-carat, fancy intense pink, VVS1-clarity diamond ring, sold for $20.8 million, or $1.2 million per carat.

Graff. A 4.33 carat lozenge shape Fancy Pink diamond ring with pavé diamonds

The ‘Unique Pink’ became the most expensive Fancy Vivid Pink diamond ever to sell at auction in May 2016. Sotheby’s in Geneva sold the pear-shaped 15.38-carat Fancy Vivid Pink diamond for $31.6 million.